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Is this something new?

It’s actually not new. Here are some of the businesses already passing on the fees are:

Gas Stations, ATM Machines, Cell Phone Carriers, Utility Companies

Parking Garages, Car Wash Facilities, Restaurants,Auto Repair, Auto Dealership, Pubs/Bars, Bakeries, Smoke Shope, Boutiques, Doctor Offices, Dry Cleaners, Funeral Homes, Law Offices, Pet Grooming, Pizza Delivery, Smoke Shops, plus more!

Local Goverment does as well:
All national, state and local governments charge a fee accepting credit card payments, including the DMV, Secretary of State, Post Offices, Schools, Courts, and the IRS.

Is it legal to charge a fee.

Yes it is legal and in all 50 State. This is not a surcharge or convenience fee.

How is the charge calculated?

The terminal and software calculate it automatically and will be displayed on the customers receipt.

Do I need to inform my customer they will be charged?

You may if you like.  However you must post signage that you are a “Cash Discount store” at your store entrance and at your register.

What is included in $99.95 a month fee?

Yes, it is. It is broken down like this: Your Merchant Account and PCI fee total $39.50 per month and will show up on your processing statement. You will receive a separate statement for the $60 licensing fee.

Do I purchase the equipment?

A standard tabletop countertop terminal is included with your flat monthly fee.

If you have a POS system, we may be able to integrate our software.  Contact us to discuss the options available. We offer Clover products.