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How it all works.

Just say goodbye to those monthly fees…here’s how.

Finally…news business owners have been waiting for!  The cash discount program was designed so that  business owners can AVOID high credit card fees by paying a fixed monthly cost for unlimited credit card processing.

Until recently, most merchants were required to accept the cost of these transactions and weren’t allowed to pass along costs to the consumer.

These changes in card network rules merchants can now have the option of charging a different price for cash versus credit card transactions. We’ve developed the technology that enables merchants to make that choice.

Now when it comes to the high cost of taking credit cards, and paying ridiculously high fees, you as the business owner can now just… WAVitaway.

This program allows unlimited processing volume for a single flat monthly fee. The merchant is provided with signage that informs the consumer that “All posted and advertised prices are already at the “Cash Discounted price”.  Consumers paying with cash obtain the posted discount price.

When consumers choose to pay with credit cards, the difference between the cash price and the credit price is then added as a “standard adjustment” to the total price at check out.

How The Cash Discount Program is Setup

All items sold in your business have been discounted down for cash purchases.
All non-cash purchases will NOT receive the cash discount and the difference will be added as a standard adjustment* to the current marked price at checkout.
*Standard Adjustment schedule is available upon request

The Benefits

  • Cost Free Processing means ZERO processing fees.
  • UNLIMTED Credit Card Processing.
  • Accept All Major Credit Cards. (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)
  • Increases Profitability.
  • Tremendous Savings.
  • Grow your Business & Bottom Line with the savings!
  • Forget about Confusing Statements to decode.
  • No more negotiating fees, start concentrating on growing your business.

Also available for Mobile Processing and Online Merchants.

One question you may have is… What will I use the extra money for?